Friday, January 12, 2018

Section: 36
Hours: 3

I fit and installed the prewired control sticks from Vans today. First I filed off the excess powder coat paint and cleared the bolt holes.
 I used this tool to hold the washers in place while I inserted the bolts.
 I had to do a little filing to get the control stops to the specified angles, but luckily my stops as fabricated were very close.

Section: 54
Hours: 2

I purchased the flap position sensor kit from Vans. The Ray Allen sensor connects to the flap controller with a piano wire pushrod.
Unfortunately a hole has to be drilled in the flap crank for one end of the pushrod. The location of the hole is not reachable with a drill. The instructions recommend that you remove the flap crank, which would be a major job considering how hard it is to reach the bolts that hold it in place. I was able to use the 90 degree drill adapter to drill the hole. This is job that would have been much easier if it had been done back in chapter 34.

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