Monday, January 15, 2018

Section: 9
Hours: 3

Time to finish up some tasks that I had previously put aside. I've been working on the control system and now I needed to hang the elevators. I discovered that screwing in the rod ends for the elevator hinge system was a little difficult using standard tools. After searching Vans Air Force, I discovered a nifty tool made from PVC pipe. I turned down the end of a 3/4" pipe on the belt sander to let a small piece slip over the end. Then I cut a slot wide enough to fit the rod end. The slip on piece prevents the slots from expanding or breaking. Works great!

On page 9-18, figure 2 marks out 6 rivets as "do not rivet yet" which I followed. Somehow I missed the step where these rivets were supposed to be installed and ended up closing the skin to the point where I could no longer reach this area with the bucking bar. I contacted Vans support and they said it was ok to use pull rivets. I didn't have enough MK319-BS on hand so I ordered more from Aircraft Spruce. They arrived today and I installed them. Luckily these are on the bottom surface so they won't be easily noticeable ;-)

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