Sunday, January 28, 2018

Section: 11
Hours: 5

I continued work on chapter 11. It was really difficult to space the bolt between the elevators with the required washers. First of all it took me awhile to find the washers because they were hidden under the bottom flap of the bag they came in. Then I tried to insert the washers by hand with no luck. I finally made a 2 layer insertion tool that holds both washers.

I was able to wedge the arms apart just enough to slide the insertion tool with washers in and then slide the bolt into place.

Next I made a drill guide block and clamped it in place after carefully aligning both elevators in trail and triple checking the alignment of the trailing edges.
The manual allows that there can be some misalignment between the control arms as long as both elevators are in trail position. Mine came out pretty close compared to some I've seen.

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