Monday, January 22, 2018

Section: 9
Hours: 4

Today I formed and closed out the leading edge of the elevator. Forming the leading edge is not one of my favorite tasks. Here's the process:

1) Carefully layout 100mph duct tape on the leading edge.

2) Carefully align PVC pipe to tape making sure to attach the sheet metal edge tangent to pipe. Carefully smooth tape onto pipe- no wrinkles allowed or do over. Woody made me redo the tape twice. He's a tough inspector but someone has to ensure quality...
 3) Clamp the pipe to work table. I used some wood blocks with holes, others have used metal j-hooks. Plastic sheet under the elevator lets it slide smoothly. Large handle at end of pipe allows sufficient leverage. Carefully wrap the metal around the pipe. Make sure you wind in far enough to get a full radius- don't stop short.
4) Some hand shaping is required to get correct overlap. You want the inner (lower flap) to not leave a gap when overlapped by the top flap. You may have to relax the curve on the lower flap so when it is tucked under it rests flat at the joint with the upper flap.
5) Rivet starting at the middle of each section and rivet every other hole working towards the edges. Make sure no gaps develop between the flaps. I prefer using the pneumatic puller because it is more consistent than the hand puller and it easier to apply the right pressure to keep the rivet seated while pulling.

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