Sunday, January 21, 2018

Section: 9
Hours: 3

I had put off attaching pins to the elevator trim servo because I didn't have crimpers. I took an EAA SportAir class on electrical wiring last March and learned how to crimp and what crimpers to get. I ordered a set from SteinAir.
I found the small molex pins were very difficult to crimp properly. They are difficult to handle or see, and it is hard to get wire, pin and crimper all aligned to make a good joint.
After much trial and tribulation I got all the pins attached and shoved into the molex connector, but I'm not real happy with the result. This is a flight critical component- failure in this connector could result in un-commanded elevator trim. I think I will cut out this connector and replace it with d-sub pins in shrink wrap per SteinAir's recommendation- 008:SIMPLE CONNECTION FOR AIRCRAFT TRIM WIRES

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