Saturday, April 7, 2018

Section: 24
Hours: 4

I counter sank the holes for the flush rivets in the wing tip. Lots of holes...
Then I fabricated a keeper for the piano hinge wires using 2 small sections of hinge double flush riveted together. I added a nut plate to the back of the wing tip rib for the screw to hold the keeper in place.

Here are the wing ends with the piano hinges riveted in place.

Section: 19
Hours: 2

I pulled out the 22 ga wiring I had installed for the tip lights and replaced it with a 3 wire 18 ga shielded pair and wired in the connector. Now all the wires for the tip lights are included in this bundle with shielding and I won't be using any part of the factory supplied wire harness for the tip lights. Much cleaner and hopefully this will cut down on any electrical noise interfering with the magnetometer which is located further in on the wing.

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