Friday, April 6, 2018

Section: 20
Hours: 2

I finished up the bottom wing skin riveting. One of the more difficult parts of doing all the blind riveting in these skins is holding the bucking bar at the correct angle to get a good shop head. Since you can't see the bucking bar inside the wing, everything must be done by feel. I found the easiest to use bar is the one in the picture below. I has a nice foot that can be placed on the adjacent structure to help hold the face 90 degrees to the rivet. It was easy to feel when the foot is flat against the structure thus ensuring a good alignment on the rivet.  For riveting the line of rivets to the main spar flange, I added a wood spacer to raise the face above the bottom line of rivets which had already been set.

I also used my tungsten bar. I taped on a spacer shim to the end of the bar (top right edge of bar in picture) to help keep it level against the rivets. I rested the shim on the wing skin and placed the opposite end over the rivet. When the shim was resting flat on the skin I knew the bar was perpendicular to the rivet. The thickness of the shim is about the height to the top of the finished rivet shop head from the skin.
Woody was moral support through the last couple days and he is really glad I'm done with this task.

Section: 24
Hours: 4

I spent the remainder of the day riveting the wing tip piano hinges to the wing.

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