Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Section: 37
Hours: 5

Today was riveting day. I clecoed the strapping bands to the forward frame assembly and set the solid rivets using the squeezer. Flush rivets on the top and regular rivets on the bottom flange.

I made the counter sinks slightly deep to account for the curvature of the frames and also to ensure rivet heads would not impinge on the plexi glass.

Then I riveted the bushing doublers to the aft frame assembly.

Then more clecoing to attach the two frames. Care was taken to ensure the assembled frames were flat with no twist.

And then I used the pneumatic rivet puller to shoot the pull rivets joining the frames together. (Glad I bought the pneumatic puller). The bags of pull rivets are getting pretty empty - I must be getting close to the end of riveting.

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