Monday, October 10, 2016

Section: 37
Hours: 4

Today I clecoed and drilled. The roll bar frame is held together with an inner and outer strap bar that. All the holes are pre punched #40 and have to be carefully drilled out to #30. I started by rolling the strapping bars on the edge of the bench to get them to conform to the curves of the frames. The manual advises to take care to not kink the bend- the straps are susceptible to kinking at the hole locations. I slightly under bent the straps to avoid kinking.

Next I inserted the straps and clecoed all the holes, keeping the straps tight to the inside lip of the frames. I used almost all of my #40 clecos. Then I removed one cleco at a time, drilled the hole out to #30 and replaced with a #30 cleco. This was a very labor intensive operation - there are 114 holes. Then I deburred all the holes and counter sank all the holes on the top surface for flush rivets.

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