Sunday, October 30, 2016

Section: 33
Hours: 4

I was debating about upgrading to the stainless braided brake hose kit from Aircraft Specialty but in the end decided to use the plastic tubing provided with the kit. The lines should be protected from abuse inside the fuselage and I think it is a plus to have translucent tubing so you can visually check for bubbles in the break fluid. I am planning to use stainless braided hoses from the firewall, down the gear legs to the brakes.

Today I mounted the rudder pedal / brake pedal assembly to the fuselage and installed the hydraulic plumbing lines. I also mounted the brake fluid reservoir on the front of the firewall. For the time being, I mounted the pedals in the middle position since I have average length legs. You can adjust the pedals forward or back by unbolting the supports and using the other holes predrilled in the supporting structure. Probably won't be an easy job to do once the top forward fuselage assembly is added...

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