Friday, January 8, 2016

Section: 18
Hours: 8.5

I put in a long day and riveted most of the ribs into the left tank.

Rib flange buttered with ProSeal and ready for installation.

Typical cleco after inserting the buttered rib. More clecos in the nose area to ensure alignment of individual flange tabs.

I use a tooth pick to spread the ProSeal on the skin before inserting a rivet.

Inserting rivets is a little more challenging wearing latex gloves.

I only partially insert the rivet using my fingers and then seat it using my pin punch. This keeps the gloves from getting sticky with ProSeal.

Riveting with gloves and wet ProSeal takes more diligence. Both the rivet gun and bucking bar can easily slide on the wet ProSeal so you need to have a firm grip and go slow.

Typical rib after riveting, smoothing out the bead and dabbing extra ProSeal on the rivet heads.

I move heavily buttered the end rib with ProSeal to leave a larger bead.

I added extra ProSeal in the nose area of the end rib to form a 3/8" bead using a popsicle stick.

Progress! 5 ribs installed today.

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