Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Section: 18
Hours: 3

I installed the vent line, tank attach bracket and inboard upper rib in the right gas tank this afternoon. I'm now going to let both tanks cure for awhile before water testing.
The vent tube runs through a lug on the gas cap flange and ends 1/4" from the outboard rib.

On the other end, the vent tube has a flared end with a fitting that will screw into a treaded coupler that goes through the inboard rib.

The inside of the inboard rib has a fillet of ProSeal all around.

The outside of the inboard nose rib and front of the attach bracket. Extra ProSeal is slobbered into the corners where leaks have been reported to develop on other RV-14's under construction.

I applied extra ProSeal into the corners on the other side of the attach bracket also.

Right tank with all the ribs riveted and ProSealed. Water testing will be next after the ProSeal cures. Finally the rear baffle will be added and the tanks will be done!

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