Monday, January 4, 2016

Section: 18
Hours: 5

I finished adding the stiffeners to the right tank skin and then riveted in the gas cap flanges and drain flanges. More fun with pro seal!
A nice bead of sealant squished out from the edges of the drain flange after riveting. 

I dabbed on extra sealant around the rivets with a q-tip.

Gas cap flange buttered up, ready for riveting.

Inside of the tank- I dabbed extra sealant on the rivet heads.

Outside of the tank- I wiped off the excess sealant from the rivet heads and around the outer lip using paper towels lightly wetted with acetone.

I dabbed some extra sealant on all the shop heads of both the left and right skin stiffeners.

I did a beautiful job riveting in the gas cap flange on the right skin- oops! The fumes from the pro seal must have been affecting my thinking- I messed up the alignment. Luckily I caught this before the pro seal had gotten very stiff. I drilled out the rivets, cleaned everything up with acetone and started over.

Right side gas cap flange from the outside.

Right side gas cap flange inside.