Sunday, January 10, 2016

Section: 18
Hours: 8

I added nut plates to the inboard end of the left tank and then set it aside to let the ProSeal cure. I plan to water test it before adding the rear baffle, but I'll wait a couple weeks. It's much easier to repair leaks before the tank is closed up.

Next I launched into the right tank. I was able to rivet in the inboard nose rib and 3 of the regular ribs.
As with the left tank, you start with the inboard rib and work your way to the other end, one rib at a time. I temporarily clecoed in the outboard rib to help hold the shape and make the skin slightly more rigid while working on the other ribs.

Inside of the inboard nose rib with ProSeal fillet applied.

At the end of the day I had 3 more ribs riveted into the right tank. It's a slow process...

Outside of tank after wiping off the excess ProSeal.

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