Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Section: smoke tank
Hours: 5

I watched the video on how to fabricate the stainless steel firewall forward smoke oil hoses. You can view it on YouTube here: Aeroquip 666 Hose Ends

I used a cutoff disk on the dermal to cut through the braided outer sheath and then cut the teflon inner hose with a straight razor. Otherwise I followed the directions from the video to fabricate the hoses. Here is a hose with connectors on both ends connected to the oil injector nozzle and hose clamp.

I drilled a pilot hole and the used the step drill to enlarge a hole in the firewall for the t-fitting. I placed the t-fitting near the brake fitting. That way I can keep the hose run inside the fuselage near the side wall and out of the way of the rudder pedals.

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