Saturday, March 14, 2020

Section: smoke oil
Hours: 4

I installed the plastic 90 degree fittings to the smoke pump and routed the rubber tubing under the pilot seat, along the lower longeron and up the firewall to the t-fitting. The power wire is routed from the panel through the central tunnel to the pump. I added a ground wire to the bulkhead under the floor. Both wires are terminated with spade connectors for easy removal.

I drilled holes in the bottom of the seat bench and the side wall bulkhead with the 90 degree drill and then enlarged the holes using the dremel tool. I placed the brass flow control valve in the hole at the bottom of the seat bench. It will be easily reachable during flight here but out of the way. I fabricated an aluminum sleeve for where the hose goes through the sidewall bulkhead. Here you can see it before I pressed it into the bulkhead hole. This will protect the hose from the sharp edge of the bulkhead hole.

Here you can see the sleeve pressed into the bulkhead hole. I used a similar sleeve where the hose goes through the cabin floor from the pump.

Here is the hose run from the longeron up to the firewall fitting. The hose is held in place by the fitting and the longeron and is out of the way of the rudder pedal (even when the rudder pedal is pressed to the firewall).

A simple hose run goes from the tank to the pump.

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