Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Section: engine
Hours: 5

I pulled the backup alternator off of the engine and then installed the new oil adapter with a new gasket and gasket seal. Here's a picture of the adapter with the vernatherm installed and the new gasket before bolting to the engine.
With the alternator removed it wasn't too bad bolting on the adaptor. Next I torqued the vernatherm to 300 in pounds (25 foot pounds). Then I installed the temperature probe. There isn't room to fit a wrench on the probe so I threaded the probe wires though a long socket and used a pipe wrench to twist the socket to tighten the probe 180 degrees from the first contact point.

Then I reinstalled the backup alternator with new lock washers. It was actually a little easier getting to the lower left nut this time. I still had to use the special low profile crow foot wrench to reach it.

There is now more room between the firewall and the back of the engine and the oil filter is easily accessible.

The oil filter just barely clears the engine mount tubing, but I think it will be workable. Much easier access than the original installation.

If you are planning to add the B&C backup alternator, I would highly recommend installing the B&C oil adapter BEFORE you install the alternator.

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