Sunday, February 2, 2020

Section: 47
Hours: 6

I have not had any success closing the cowling since I added the rubber baffling. I could not get the upper and lower cowling halves to join. Some of my friends advised putting heavy sand bags on top of the cowl to force it closed, but I don't think that is the problem. Today I spent some time investigating what was causing the gap and discovered that the baffling on the upper side of the air inlets was getting stuck on the epoxy/flox dam build up on the upper cowl. I got out the dremel with a sanding drum and whittled back the dams.

The rubber gasket now smoothly fits inside the inlet side and it is easy to close the cowl halves! Through trial and error I have now discovered an order for attaching the cowl halves that works. First install the lower cowl. Then place the upper cowl on the fuselage. Match up the piano hinge along the top fuselage then make sure the rubber gaskets are in place around the air inlets at the front. Then press down and match up the piano hinge along the lower edge of the cowl. Push the piano hinge pins in from the front to join the lower and upper halves. Finally, insert the cowl to fuselage piano hinge pins through the oil door.

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