Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Section: 46B
Hours: 5

Following the directions in the manual, I used a plum bob to mark the center line under the fuselage and then laid out two parallel lines of tape close to the wheels. These lines are used to align the wheel pants parallel to the fuselage.

To set the wheel pant cant angle, I used two boards clamped together to the proper angle (see manual).

When the wheel pant was fully aligned I match drilled it to the attach clips. Then I moved the airplane back in the garage, removed the pants and taped over the attach clips with clear packing tape. Next I mixed up some flox / epoxy and built up an area around each of the attach points and then screwed the wheel pants in place. The flox build up molds to the wheel pant and attach point and when it sets up it will provide a solid connection.
 Note: the flox is inside between the clips and the pant.

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