Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Section: 46B
Hours: 5

After curing overnight, I separated the inside tab and shaped it with dremel tool, sand paper and file. Then I match drilled the tab to the fairing.

The tab is attached with 3 screws. Two of the screws will go into nut plates, but the innermost screw goes into a lock nut that gets embedded in flox/epoxy. Here I've just applied blobs of flox around the lock nuts.

A fillet must also be built up around the outside of the fairings to help hold them in place on the wheel pant (and for looks). First step is to scruff the outside of the wheel pant in the area where the fillet will be built.

Then I wrapped electrical tape around the edge of the fairing to prevent bonding and laid up a fillet of flox/epoxy. Flox epoxy is stronger than micro ballon putty.  I think I will apply micro balloon later for final finishing because the flox it is difficult to smooth out perfectly.

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