Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Section: 29
Hours: 7

Today I primed the bottom of the rear fuselage assembly and then began the work of mating the forward and rear assemblies.

Here's the paint after removing the masking tape.

The forward and aft assemblies are bolted together with some very nicely machined aluminum blocks. Then the center section side plate is slipped over the carry through spars and clecoed in place. Then you match drill holes through the side plate into the backing aluminum block. The side plate actually is not at a right angle to the spars so you have to drill at a slight angle to them to ensure the holes are perpendicular to the side plate.

You can see the heavy spacer block in the space between the 2 spars next to the bottom skin.

Long bolts go through the aluminum blocks to hold the two sections together.

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