Monday, July 11, 2016

Section: 28
Hours: 7

I started today by riveting the top of the stainless tunnel to the tunnel outer sides.

The fuel selector valve bracket is not symmetric which I found out the hard way! I riveted it in, discovered I had it backwards and then riveted it in a second time with the proper orientation. Gotta pay attention to the plans...

Here I've mated the forward center section bulkhead to the bottom skins.

The center ribs are bolted and riveted to the spar carry thru. I put the factory heads on the back side because I could not fit the rivet gun in on the other side.

Here's the forward side with the shop heads.

Next I back riveted the bottom rib flanges to the bottom skins.

I used the long back rivet set to reach these rivets. I found it helps if you bump up the air pressure to 45-50psi when using the long back rivet set.

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