Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Section: 28
Hours: 4

More ProSealing today. The firewall penetration fittings must be sealed on the backside of the firewall to keep oil and fumes out.

I had a hard time getting the vent inlet parts assembled correctly- the 3d drawing in the manual just didn't click for me. The parts fit together multiple ways, but only 1 way fits when you put it on the firewall.  I had to actually cleco the parts to the firewall before I got it right.

The cable brackets are not mirror imaged around the fuselage center line- both the left and the right sides orient the same way extending over the firewall opening.

The flush rivets for the battery box were a pain to set. After trying several methods, I had success using my small flat faced bucking bar on the factory side of the rivets.

I gingerly used the stubby holder with a flat face in the rivet gun on the forward side. I used 50psi and short bursts to set the rivets. You have to just set the rivet and not over drive it or the thin stainless sheet will pillow.

Here's today's work- all the firewall assemblies are riveted/bolted on. The battery box is painted with flat black Rustoleum out of a spray can. If I were to do it over again I would have it powder coated. The Rustoleum chips easily and probably won't hold up very well in use. We'll see. At least it is easy to touch up.

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