Monday, March 21, 2016

Section: 14
Hours: 6

I unwrapped the wing spars, removed the rib bolts, nuts and washers and clecoed the ribs in place. There are three basic ribs forms (W1010,W1011, W1012) and each comes in left and right hand versions.  Not all left hand pieces go into the left wing panel- a mixture of left and right hand pieces go into each wing. It took some very careful reading of the diagrams in the construction manual to get everything in the correct place. I assembled both the left and right wings to make sure I got all the ribs in the correct places. It was a good cross check to do both wings- I did end up with 1 rib mis-sorted which I discovered while assembling the opposite wing.

I match drilled the ribs to the spar for the right wing. I also deburred the just drilled holes.

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