Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Section: 13
Hours: 4

After thinking about it over night, I realized that the j-channels could be clamped to maintain a 1/16" overlap on the spar flange even if the spar has a slight camber. I'd just have to make multiple measurements along the channels to make sure they have the same camber while I'm drilling.

Here I've clamped the channel to the spar flange with the 1/16" overhang and I'm drilling the first hole.

I used the tail of my micrometer set to .0625" to set the channel overhang.

I measured, clamped and then drilled and clecoed 8 locations before proceeding with the rest of the holes.

Drilling the remaining holes was a sit down job- lots of holes!

Here are the j-channels for both wings match drilled to the spar flanges. The blue tape on the bottom flange of the spar is for where holes are skipped.

The last step in match drilling the j-channels is to flip the bottom channels 180 degrees and then attach them to the top flange for drilling the 3 areas that were skipped (see blue taped areas in picture above). When you rotate and flip the channels they then cleco on the top flange with the j portion sticking up.

Another day with lots of work but little to show...

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