Thursday, March 31, 2016

Section: 13
Hours: 7

Today I final drilled and deburred the remaining #40 holes in both the spars. Then I counter sank the rivet holes for the spar flange nut plates.

Counter sinking was another sit down job. If you don't hold the drill exactly perpendicular to the flange the counter sink will start chirping and elongate the pilot hole. I started each countersink slowly and adjusted my angle to make sure the chirping sound didn't start. I double checked each hole with a rivet to make sure I was maintaining the proper depth. It's slow work, but I didn't want to screw up the spar. The spar is one of the more expensive parts of the airplane to replace...

A few of the 116 counter sinks on the left spar.

I had time at the end of the day to squeeze some rivets. These nut plates are for attaching the fuel tank    to the spar. It was nice to be back to setting rivets without ProSeal gumming up the works :-)

Nut plates riveted to the top flange of the other spar.

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