Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Section: engine
Hours: 4

The adel clamps arrived from Aircraft Spruce and I installed the new oil breather tubing. The new tubing replaces the 90 rubber elbow and aluminum tubing that came with the firewall forward kit. The new tubing routes around the oil filter and clamps to the firewall using the screw holes already in place for the previous tubing. I had to replace the previous adel clamps with larger ones to accommodate the new rubber tubing.

Here is the view from the bottom looking up. I used the end of the old aluminum tubing in the end of the rubber tubing. The end of the aluminum extension directs the output to the top of the exhaust which may prevent some the oil from accumulating on the belly of the fuselage?

Space in the engine compartment is limited for reaching the adel clamp screws with a screwdriver. The screws go into nut plates so a lot of force is required to screw them in. Necessity is the mother of invention and I came up with this method for driving the screws:
Socket wrench, 1/4 in socket, philips head insert- fits in the limited space available and provides enough leverage to screw into the nut plates.

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