Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Section: avionics
Hours: 4

I installed a dome light at the back of the luggage storage area. This light is on the map light circuit and is controlled by a dimmer on the control panel. The light is locally grounded to the airframe and the power line comes from the dimmer circuit board in the panel. I discovered I had missed riveting the center 3 rivets in canopy top brace so I tackled that first.

Then I created a support plate and attached the light with 2 screws. I also drilled a wiring hole in the fuselage bulkhead and inserted a through hole plastic insert. The support plate attaches to the canopy brace using 2 more screws with lock nuts. The light is slightly tilted forward so the light nicely illuminates the baggage area. I may build a shade to limit the LED glare to just illuminating the baggage floor.

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