Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Section: 38
Hours: 2

I did last minute touch up sanding and surface prep on the canopy skirt and then primed it.

Hours: 3

I mounted the aileron trim servo and added the spring clips to the aileron actuator tube. First I mounted the servo to one of the wing access panels and ran the actuator arm to center. Then, with the actuator tube connected to the aileron, I set the aileron to the center position using the rigging template attached to the end of the wing. Finally I lined up the mounting plate to the hole in the wing and used a drafting triangle and angle measure tool to transfer the center point to the actuator tube.

I then removed the actuator tube from the wing, marked the positions for the spring clips and drilled the rivet holes for the clips.
I used the provided pull rivets to attach the clips and then installed the aileron actuator tube back in the wing. I won't attach the springs until after I attach the wings to the fuselage and get the final rigging set.

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