Sunday, December 29, 2019

Section: wings
Hours: 3

My avionics configuration does not have enough discrete inputs to support the vane stall warning and I have the AOA pitot so it is not required, so I decided to remove the vane and cover over the hole in the leading edge. The vane and micro switch are (barely) accessible through an access plate in the wing. The vane assembly is attached using 2 screws with allen head slots. It was very difficult to reach in and get an allen wrench in the screw head and the screws were rusted and very difficult to break loose. If I were to do it again, I would skip installing the vane assembly in the first place...

I fashioned a piece of aluminum to match the curve of the leading edge. I didn't want to have rivets on the leading edge, so I used some pro-seal to hold the aluminum filler piece in place. Later I will use some epoxy/micro balloon on the outside to smooth out the hole and after paint it will not be visible.

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