Friday, December 20, 2019

Section: wings, avionics
Hours: 4

Earlier I installed doublers and cut holes on the inboard side of the aileron belcrank for the pitot mast.  The pitot tubing runs into the aileron push/pull tube unless you bend the tubing out of the way. Today I figured out how to bend the tubing to keep it out of the way of the aileron tube but still allow the pitot tube to be removed from the mast for future maintenance.

I mounted the regulator electronics box to a wing panel access door. Since I am using counter sunk screws for the mounting and the flange on the regulator box is not counter sunk, I fabricated a couple aluminum bar spacers with counter sinks to place between the access door and the box.

Here is the pitot tube inserted in the mast with the tubing bent to avoid interference with the aileron push/pull tube.

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