Monday, December 3, 2018

Section: avionics
Hours: 5

I continued to sort out the panel wiring.

Here you can see how I mounted the GTX45 transponder and piggy backed the GEA24 engine monitor. The GTX45 tray is mounted inside of the canopy frame (black marker line on sub panel) and tilted so that when the GTX45 is slide out of the tray it will slide over the top of the side rail.

The VPX circuit controller is mounted on a swing down panel. I mounted the light dimmers on the side of the front panel support bulkhead. The GAD29 mounts to the sub panel. Not visible in this picture, the IBBS backup battery is mounted behind the sub panel behind the GAD29.

I've left the light dimmer pots loose because SteinAir did not bother to label them and I won't know which panel hole to put them in until I can power up the system and try them out.

The under side is not so pretty. The SteinAir cables connect everything, but the layout under and behind the panel is left to the builder to sort out. Lots of unbundled wires for misc. connections in the cabin (lights, usb charger port, smoke oil pump, etc.) This is a labor intensive operation...

To support the wiring going to the firewall I added an aluminum channel between the firewall and the sub panel (middle right of picture below).f

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