Saturday, December 8, 2018

Section: avionics
Hours: 4

The SteinAir wiring harness I purchased is not very well documented. Some tasks are left for the builder to figure out. Wiring the starter switch is one of those tasks...

Here is the documentation for the ignition key switch. Of course it is labeled for traditional mags.

With the PMags, we want to be able to test if each mag is generating power independent of the battery/alternator. My installation has a circuit breaker for each p mag and also a momentary switch to isolate each p mag from bus power. In the NORM position, power to the p mag is provided from the aircraft bus, in the TEST position, the bus power is disconnected so you can test if the p mag's internal power generation is working.

Here is the key switch wiring. The blue wires go to the left and right p mags, the red wire goes to the starter.

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