Monday, August 17, 2015

Section: 8
Hours: 8

Another GREAT day- more riveting. Today I completed riveting together the spar and ribs for the horizontal stabilizer. The center of the spar has some flush rivets that I set using the mushroom set in the rivet gun. I clamped the spar to the work table so it wouldn't move while setting the rivets.

 Next I assembled the center webbing and ribs to the sub spars. I used the squeezer and the rivet gun. Not all the rivets were reachable with the squeezer.

The spar is slightly bowed at this point due to dimpling the flanges. When the spar is attached to the skins, the bow is pulled out.
 By the end of the day I was able to set up the cradle and mount the skins. Tomorrow I'll rivet the ribs and spar to the skins.

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