Saturday, August 15, 2015

Section: 8
Hours: 9

I got started early today so I could complete all the cleaning, etching and priming of the horizontal stab components. I began by washing all the parts with the industrial detergent and a scotch bright backed sponge. Woody closely supervised the process and managed quality control.

I spray down the large parts multiple times with the hose and soak the smaller parts in clean water to rinse off the detergent. Next I spray the parts with the acid etch and scrub with scotch bright maroon pads and rinse thoroughly with water and air dry.

I built a paint booth with a couple of fans which has worked very well so far. The majority of the overspray is caught in the furnace filters upstream of the fans and the chicken wire support makes it easy to lay out parts and spray on the primer.

I wear a Tyvak paint suit and respirator for painting.

Here's some shots of the primed parts.

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