Sunday, July 4, 2021

 Section: 38

Hours: 7

I used the Dremel tool with circular cutoff disk to make a couple of slices in the fiberglass fairing skirt on the canopy. Then I carefully wedged toothpicks under the fiberglass to get it to part from the canopy frame and plexiglass. The epoxy does not form a chemical bond to aluminum, so I was able to break the mechanical bond with some effort. This is why it is so important to do a good job of roughing up the aluminum and plexiglass before laying up the skirt.

The skirt cleanly came off in 1 large piece after applying tooth pick wedges under it. Here you can see the glass bead/resin fillet and fiberglass layers and the underlying rough aluminum skin and plexiglass. You can also see the aluminum clips that hold down the edge of the plexiglass.

Here is the plexiglass after removing it from the frame. Luckily it came apart cleanly and I will be able to reuse it.

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