Monday, July 9, 2018

Section: avionics
Hours: 8

Today I finished the connector at the wing tip for the lights. I've been using these solder seal connectors for running a pigtail out from the coax shield for grounding. Works great.

I mounted the GAD 29 ARINC box to the sub panel on the co pilot side. I riveted nut plates to the back so it will just screw into place.

I tried several methods for laying out the trays for the central radio stack. Some builders recommended taping the trays together and then match drilling to the walls between the panel and sub panel on the sides of the stack. I was not confident that I could accurately mount them that way. So I got the dimensions of each of the trays from the Garmin installation manuals and produced a drawing showing where all the holes should be.

I then cut two sheets of aluminum that will form side walls for the radio stack. I carefully laid out the hole pattern on the aluminum and drilled pilot holes. I will then use this to drill holes in the formers between the panel and sub panel.

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