Friday, July 13, 2018

Section: avionics
Hours: 8

I routed and connected some of the wiring harness today. Here is the starting point. The harness is located behind the sub panel with individual cables threaded forward to their appropriate boxes.

Here I've attached cables to the pilot's side of the panel going to the GEA 24 and the panel switches.

Here is the co-pilot side with cables for VPX, dimmers, etc. I ended up mounting the circuit board with the dimmer circuits towards the top of the center bay side wall. None of the ground wires in the big bundle of black wires are labeled! Bummer, I'll have to sort those and label them.

The coiled wire bundle has wires for smoke pump, cabin lights and some other things I'm not sure about. Stein provided a generic schematic of how wires run between connectors to the various avionics boxes, but not a drawing of the actual harness that was built. I will have to contact Stein to find out what the mystery wires are for.

Here is a view from the top center.

Beginning to look like a panel!

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