Sunday, December 4, 2016

Section: 38
Section: 39
Hours: 5

Today was slightly warmer and the sun came out this afternoon so I got busy and scrubbed, acid washed and primed a bunch of parts. I had finished off my last gallon of EkoPrime the last time I did some priming. I was hoping it would last- I don't have very many more parts to prime, but painting the wing bottom skins cleaned me out. So I ordered another quart from Aircraft Spruce. Today I discovered I ordered the wrong color. I got Smoke Gray instead of the Charcoal Gray. It turns out that the Smoke Gray is much lighter and it will actually be better as an undercoat for the Morning Patrol Gray I'm using for the EkoCrylic top coat in the cockpit.

Last week I purchased a butane heater so I could heat the garage. The directions on the EkoPrime can suggest applying with temps between 70-85 degrees F. Ambient temperature today only got up to 58 so the heater came in handy for getting the parts warm enough to paint.

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