Thursday, December 1, 2016

Section: 38
Hours: 4

It's been cold and I have been lacking motivation to get out in the garage the last couple days. Today I bundled up and put together the aft canopy frame and handle.

Here I am match drilling the handle to the frame halves. You cleco a spacer channel to the bottom of the two frame halves and then you cleco the pilot holes in the handle to hold the frame in position. I also clamped the spacer channel to the table to ensure the frames were flat while drilling.

I was able to use the squeezer to set all these rivets.  I'm now rethinking how I oriented the shop heads in the handle...

Here's the completed rear canopy frame with the spacer channel clecoed in place.

I finished up the day working on forming and match drilling the canopy side skin and rails. Lots of holes and the directions in the manual have you go through lots of steps with no riveting. Alignment is critical on these pieces to ensure a snug canopy fit on the fuselage.

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