Sunday, November 29, 2015

Section: 22
Hours: 3

The riveting today was a little more challenging. You have to take care with the nose ribs not to deform the curved top of the skin. The plans advise pulled rivets for the 2 holes on the tip of the nose where the largest curvature is. I was able to use the squeezer for the 5 rivets on the flat bottom of the ribs.

The spar and top skin get attached next. The skin tends to wrinkle when it is clecoed to the spar so I attached the trailing edge side of the skin to my 2" x 2" aluminum angle trailing edge guide to keep it flat while riveting to the spar.

It's a little difficult to reach the A-1005A-1 L & R Main Ribs for riveting to the spar. I used the bent stick set with a narrow tungsten bucking bar. I called it a day after setting these difficult 4-4 and 4-6 rivets without having to drill any out. I didn't want to press my luck...


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