Thursday, November 19, 2015

Hours: 9

I FINALLY established this construction log. From the beginning of the project I've been marking up the construction manual pages with notes and dates of completion. I've also been taking numerous photos with my iPhone of work completed or in progress to document construction technique and quality. Today I pulled these sources together and created "Smash's RV-14 Build". I wish I had started it earlier- there are a lot of entries to create and I was only able to post entries up to mid October before calling it a day.

I searched for some time for an appropriate set of software for generating the log. I actually experimented with a Wordpress blog for awhile but was not happy with it. Then I noticed that several builders were using Blogger. I already had a Google+ account so I was somewhat familiar with the Google tools approach to building sites and it wasn't too hard to get going with Blogger. So far I'm happy with it, but time will tell...

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