Thursday, October 24, 2019

Section: avionics
Hours: 6

I carefully double checked the wiring and made sure the remaining loose ends were safely shielded. I made sure all the switches on the panel were in the off position and connected the battery.

Then I flipped the battery master and heard the contractor click. The panel then started up! Feeling lucky I also flipped on the avionics and lighting. No smoke escaped!

Everything was looking good but then the GTN650 diagnostics reported this:

The cooling fan failure is a non start. The GTN650 runs hot and the fan is not optional. I pulled the GTN box out of the tray and discovered the connector repair I made had not worked. I had very carefully installed the GTN into the tray and didn't feel any resistance when I plugged it in. Despite all the care, pins were still bent. :-(

Time to contact SteinAir...

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