Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Section: 47
Hours: 5

I finished up the snorkel flange and drilled holes to final size using the template (see previous post). Then I spent some time adjusting the fit between the snorkel and the air filter frame.

The snorkel slides into the air filter frame. The fit has to be adjusted by sanding the outside of the snorkel to match the inside of the filter frame. There is play in the fit and the filter frame can be moved up/down on the neck of the snorkel.

It is important to set the height of the top of the filter frame so that the rubber gasket from the lower cowling will fit over the top of the frame. I mounted the lower cowl and slid the snorkel neck into a position that I believe will allow room for the gasket. You need to allow about 1/4 inch.

I finished today bending the corner fillet for the filter frame. I scribed the bend lines from the template to the aluminum and bent it in the vise.

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