Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Section: 49
Hours: .5

I riveted the oil cooler air inlet assembly together.

Section: 50
Hours: 3

I installed the cabin heat cable on the pilot's side. I decided to replace the cables that come with Van's fire wall forward kit with cables that have a pushbutton lock. Some previous builders had recommended this so that you can firmly hold the heat doors closed during the summer.

I trimmed the cable to the correct length with the dremmel tool. Then spent quality time under the panel installing the adell clamps and connecting the cable to the heat flap lever arm.

Heres the cabin heat cable with the push button lock installed in the control panel.

Section: avionics
Hours: 1

I decided to replace the cigarette lighter with a dual USB charger. There are a lot of these chargers available on Amazon, but the one I got was a little more expensive but supposedly does not radiate a bunch of electrical noise and won't interfere with the radios and intercom.

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