Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Section: 9
Hours: 2

I decided to skip back to the unfinished work on the elevators. When I was last working on them, I got to the part where you are supposed to glue the foam ribs into the skins, but it was over 100 degrees in the shop so I put it aside. The temps are much milder this week so I thought it would be a good time to revise the elevators and work towards finishing them up.

I mixed up a batch of ProSeal and buttered the ribs and inserted them between the skins of the elevator tab. I used the popsicle stick like a butter knife and put on a layer approximately 1/32" thick.

Then I inserted the buttered rib in the skins being careful not to spread the ProSeal all over the place.

After all the ribs were inserted, I weighted down the elevator with a flat board, clecoed the top skin to the rear channel and piano hinge and then used my pneumatic squeezer to rivet it all together. Here it is after riveting. After this picture was taken, I put the flat board and weights back on and set it aside to cure for a couple days.

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