Saturday, November 26, 2022


Hours: 6

Today I worked on a few tasks before taking the plane to the paint shop. First up I trimmed the wing tip trailing edges to match the trailing edge of the flaps. Rather than trim the entire trailing edge of the tip, I tapered it from the outboard tip to the flap. This left more of the trailing edge intact and visually is not noticable.

Next I used packing tape to mask off an area under the tail fairing and applied a mix of West Epoxy and micro balloons along the edges of the fairing. I then carefully put the fairing back on the airplane and screwed it into place, squeezing out excess epoxy as I went. This filled in the remaining gaps between the fairing and the airplane.

After the epoxy cured, I removed the fairing, removed the tape and then sanded the edges to a smooth rounded shape. Now the fairing matches the aluminum with almost no gap.

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