Friday, March 9, 2018

Section: 19
Hours: 5

I am installing Flyleds tip lights so the wing wire runs have to be modified from the standard harness. My initial plan was to install a 2 pair 22ga shielded line and use the ground provided with the standard harness. That is what is shown in this post. Later I discovered that would not be sufficient and pulled it out and installed a 3 pair 18ga shielded line (see future post).

I discovered that the best way to handle shielded wiring termination is with solder and seal connectors. You strip the insulation back on the end of your cable to expose about 1/4 inch of shielding. Then you slip the connector over and slide a ground wire in and shrink the assembly using the heat gun. The solder melts and creates the connection between the shield and ground wire. This process is demonstrated on Stein Air's web site: solder sleeves

Here is the connector plug at the wing tip for the FlyLed lights. (note: I change this out later- don't wire it up this way!)

I tried out some wire lacing to bundle up the wiring for the aileron servo.
The wires provided that run back from the aileron servo to the aileron trim were a little short but I arranged them the best I could and applied some lacing to hold it together.

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